Saturday, January 16, 2010

back at Starbucks...

Look!! I am back blogging again! It has been a few days since I have posted anything due to work being CRAZY busy, but hopefully things have slowed down enough that I can get back on track.

So I am back again at my home away from home…Starbucks. Have you ever noticed how Starbucks is like a melting pot of different cultures? I don’t think I have ever been in any location that didn’t have at least 3 or 4 different races and cultures being represented at the same time. And always a vast array of age groups. I can see teenagers, college kids, thirty-somethings, forty-somethings, and even senior citizens from my little piece of Starbucks real estate (aka my table and chair). A lot of work and homework being done, a lot of music downloading, and who knows what else. The common theme with everyone though, is that we all seem to be very content. Not sure if it is the ambience…or just the caffeine high….but we are all very content, nonetheless.

Well…the girl in front of me is not so content…she seems to be having a hard time with her homework. She keeps saying to herself “I just don’t understand”. Looks like Geometry… so there goes any hope of me helping her. I hated geometry…never could do those Proofs. I never understood the necessity of knowing the measurements of a triangle, much less if it was isosceles (is that spelled correctly?) or not.

There is another young couple across from me that is looking for a new apartment (or maybe there first). They are discussing whether amenities or floor plan is more important. She says floor plan…he says amenities. He “needs” a swimming pool….and she just wants the second bedroom to be on the other side of the apartment from the master bedroom. She will win… just my opinion.

A group of girls ( college age) across the room all have their laptops out and are apparently listening to music…as every couple minutes one of them will start singing…and the other two will join in. Annoying at times… but they are enjoying themselves.

Ok…I feel really old now. The geometry girl in front me just asked me what time it is…a perfectly normal question, right? However, when she asked she said “Excuse me, SIR…can you tell me what time it is?” she called me SIR. She is probably a senior in high school, which is considerable younger than myself… but I am certainly not used to be being called sir. Not making a big deal of this…it just caught me off guard. I guess I should be happy that she was polite about it… most kids would have just looked me and said “Tell what time it is”. She even said “Thank You…..SIR”.

Ok… I am off to the store (to cause myself torture by having to deal with the incompetent checkers) to buy the ingredients for dinner. I am making Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup with homemade Rosemary Croutons. Easy…but very delicious. I might post again later to let you know how it turned out.

Until then… Keep Smiling and Keep Blogging.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My boss and underwear...wait, what?

Back to work tomorrow for me… Already? I have a new boss as of tomorrow. For most people this would conjure up some sort of emotion…whether good, bad, excitement, fear…whatever. However, for me, it is just another day at work. This will be my sixth new boss in about 4 years, so this kind of change is like any other day to me now….like changing underwear. Wait… did I just compare my new boss to underwear? Well, anyway, I think he will be ok. The few people that have met him already seem to think he is going to be very easy to get along with and that he seems pretty laid back. I am sure I will have some sort of update on this subject tomorrow…

Keep Smiling and Keep Blogging!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Special note to Ambitious1.....Checker Challenges..... Grazers

Every time I go to the grocery store, I leave thinking I need to be getting a paycheck from them. Why is it that I always seem to get in the line in which the checker has now clue of what any of the fresh produce is in my basket, or how to ring it up? They have those little cheat sheets that spin around and give them the code number for everything…but those are useless. They are useless because the problem is not that the checker doesn’t know the code…they don’t know what Fennel is, or what whether I have a cucumber or zucchini, or whether I am trying to buy butternut squash or acorn squash. I end up having to tell them what it is so they can scan it. I mean it is not like I am buying really weird stuff…like those fruit things with the spikey horns, or one of those melons that look like a dinosaur egg.

  This is just not right on many levels.

                                       Are those varicose veins...on a melon?

I am not even sure why I waited to go to the store on a Saturday anyway. It is the worst possible day to go. It is always busy and standing in line is not on my list of “favorites”. Not only that, but you have to deal with all the Grazers. Grazers are the people that go to the store on Saturdays for the sole purpose of visiting each and every “free sample” station they can find. These people do nothing but block the aisles…for what? A cracker with smear of some new processed cheese product on it? Or a toothpick stuck in some meat substitute? Or a 1 oz cup of stale granola? I mean really… seriously?

Ok… enough ranting for today.

Oh…I almost forgot… I gained a new follower today…Ambitious1. Hopefully she will read this…

Ambitious1, your blog is good and I am now following….but you need to check your “post comments” link. It doesn’t seem to work, so no one can leave you comments. And since you said you began following me because of the meaningful comments I have left on a  blog we both follow… I would like to be able to give you some comments…K? So get the link fixed…now…I’ll wait…

E-Freaks... Graceland.... And the Smell of Dizzy

Today is Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday…or wait, it is after midnight, so i guess yesterday was his birthday. For most people, that means they may hear something about it on TV… or see a quick mention on the internet. But for those of us that live in Memphis, TN…that means we get to hear about it for a good solid week. It also means we get to see some 50,000 people from all over the world come pouring into our city. This is always good for Memphis, as it brings in tourist dollars and helps out our local businesses. But it also seems to bring out some of the oddest people you will ever see. Not just Elvis impersonators, but I am talking some crazy Elvis fanatics….or E-Freaks as we around here so lovingly refer to them.

Even at lunch today… a co-worker and I had the honor of eating two tables away from the “king” himself. Oddly enough, the “King” was also sitting at a table across the restaurant. So me, my co worker, the two “Kings”, and about 20 other people that were wearing Elvis shirts, hats, buttons, scarves, etc , etc, etc. all enjoyed our sandwiches and chips together. Of course, all you could hear from any and every table was story after story of how they “once met Elvis” or “once saw Elvis in the grocery store” or “have a lock of his hair from seeing him concert”. Every one of the E-Freaks seems to have some personal “connection” to Elvis.

Of course after lunch…all of the E-Freaks were headed over to take the big tour of Graceland along with thousands more of their kind…the highlight of their trip. I have lived in Memphis since 1989…and I have never officially been to Graceland. I say officially because I have driven past it several times… just never taken the tour. However, I heard enough about it over the years that I feel like I have taken the tour many times.

Of Course, tonight and all this weekend is when the real craziness will happen…down on Beale Street. The Elvis Impersonators will line up and down Beale and the big street party will be in full swing. Beale is a big street party every weekend, but Elvis Birthday Week becomes a madhouse.

So ….Happy Birthday Elvis….the E-Freaks are doing you proud!!!


Time for today’s edition of “What’s in the community refrigerator at work?”

MMMM….MMMM… Today’s morsel of muck was a piece of fish. I truly have no clue what type it was for sure, as it was perfectly square and a grayish white color. Nothing else with it…just a lump of gray fish substance on a plate….mmmm…. good eats boys and girls!! I would try to describe the smell as it was being heated in the community microwave (which could be a whole separate segment on this blog in itself—but I will spare you that indulgence), but just thinking about it is making me dizzy all over again.

Keep Smiling and Keep Blogging!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

1st week's thoughts.... old people food... and French Toast in the snow?

Day 7 01-07-10

One week ago I sat out for this little venture into blogging. So far it has been a blast. I have had some rollercoaster thoughts about the blogging process over the past week. Day one and two were fun and exciting. Then day three I became stressed and obsessed over it…thinking I HAD to get more followers and readers… I thought I was going to end up on the show “Intervention” before day four arrived. Then suddenly it hit me… Even if I have only one follower/reader that enjoys my blog… then isn’t that all that really matters? I mean, if I can even for a brief minute put a small hint of a smile on someone’s face ( a stranger for that matter)…then can’t I consider my blog worth the effort each day? I think so…

So reader(s) beware… I am sticking around this blogging thing for a while! And a special thanks to Luna over at Luna’s Gonna Lose It for the shout out in her blog post today. If you haven’t been to her blog yet… you should click here to do so!!

Today’s edition of “What’s in the community refrigerator at work”…
Since the fridges were cleaned out yesterday, and a lot of people stayed home because of the snow, there was not much available to inspect. There were some green peas with pearl onions…not very interesting, but certainly not my idea of a great lunch. There was some carrot and raisin salad… boring. Some cabbage slaw with two hot dogs on a slice of wheat bread. It was kind of like looking in the refrigerator at a nursing home… minus the ambrosia salad.
Speaking of the snow… We actually had people out from work today because of it. Really? It was not even a full inch of snow. But I guess that is the South for ya….. The first hint of snow and southerners freak out. They actually showed people on the news last night at the grocery store buying a bunch of food and crap. Now, I understand, back in ’94 we had this massive ice storm that knocked the power out for nearly three quarters of the entire city…but is such panic really necessary? And besides…the news said people were buying milk and eggs and bread. Now let’s analyze this…I see at least two things wrong already…

1. Based on the three ingredients being bought, is everyone in the city going to suddenly have the urge to make French toast just because it snowed?

2. Should the power go out for an extended period of time…the first two things to go bad would be the milk and eggs…so let’s be sure to stock up on those two items… Sheesh, really?

3. Should the power go out for an extended period of time… how in the heck are you going to be able to turn your now spoiled eggs and milk and bread into French toast?

I say…buy a jar of Pig Lips and a bag of potato chips and be done with all !!!! (this makes more sense if you have read my previous go read on...go!!)

Keep Smiling and Keep Blogging !

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

rabid kids.... Fridge Fairies.... and hairy caterpillars

Today at work a couple of co-workers and myself got into a discussion about children. One co-worker was telling-us about how frustrated she got with her two kids, a boy and a girl, ages 6 and 8 respectively. Apparently last night they were very hyper for whatever reason and were, as she put it, "running around acting like rabid animals in heat".  She said that she just could not get them to settle down. they would start off playing, but always ended up fighting, whining, and chasing each other.  She tried putting them in their own rooms, but that they continued to bother each other by banging on the walls at each other.  She almost seemed like she was getting frustrated all over again just telling us about it.

This got me to thinking about my childhood. I do not have any kids of my own (yet,  but someday ...God willing). Anyway my Mom used to tell me a story about me and my brother when we were around those same ages.  My brother and I used to play outside alot, and we used to make up alot of games.  One day we decided we were going to play gas station.  We would wash the window on the car, pretend we were checking the oil, etc.  Well when it came time to put the gas in the car, pretending just wasn't cutting need to be "real".  So we opened the gas tank on the car, grabbed the water hose, and let'er rip.  yep, filled up the car gas tank till it overflowed with good ol' H20. Of course this rendered the car useless...and my parents had to have the water siphoned out of the tank.  My parents were not as excited about us fillig up the car with "gas" as my brother and I were, so needless to say, we were in pretty big trouble.  So as we were both put into our room (that we shared) for basically the next couple of years of our lives ( or so it seemed, I'm sure...probably was just the rest of the night), we needed something to do. After all just sitting there was not an option for two boys of that age.  Apparently we decided, for some strange reason, to take all of our clothes out of the dresser drawers and throw them out the window. By the time we got caught, we had stripped the bunk beds of all the sheets and comforters and were about to give them the ol heave-ho as well. To this day, neither me or my brother know what made us throw everything out the window...but due to whatever game we had made up at the was COMPLETELY necessary to make the game seem more "real".  I am the younger brother, so i can just always claim that i was just doing what my big brother told me to do!!  This doesn't seem to work as well, now that i am in my 30's....hmmm.

Today's edition of "what's in the community refrigerator at work?"

Praise the Lord, there is a God!! The refrigerators have been cleaned out...sparkling clean!!  Smell like new!! It is like the Fridge Fairies all got together and said "WTF!! is going on in those refrigerators? We must stop the onslaught of toxic vapors before anyone (else) gets sick."

However never fear... the work place never fails to offer wonderful nuggets and strange offerings of the most bizarre kind. So today's edition of "what's in the community refrigerator at work?" has been relpaced with....

"What was found in the stairwell at work?"

As I was leaving work today, I took my normal route from the second floor to the parking lot, by going down the back stairs.  The means two as I came to the end of the first flight and rounded the corner to the second flight...there it was!!  It was hanging on the handrail.... brownish red in color...about 6 to 8 inches long....greasy...with some sort of rubber band type thing on one end.  Just hanging there waiting for some unsuspecting soul to accidently grab hold while just innocently trying to keep from falling by grabbing the supplied handrail.  It was..... a stray, braided extension!!!  Yep...some poor female is running around tonight with a gaping spot on the back of her head where the this extension broke free and jumped for its life to the stairwell handrail. how does one not know something of this sort has fallen off their head?  Being a guy with very short blonde hair... i agree I do not know anything about hair extensions...but i think I would know if one fell off my head...?!?!  My question is ...who picked it up to put it on the handrail?..... it looked liked a very large hairy caterpillar...

Keep Smiling...and Keep Blogging

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Side Affects....

Day 5  01-05-10

Have you ever listened to the possible side affects you can have from the medicines being advertised on TV? I mean really.... a prescription medicine for a simple headache...but the side affects are nausea, diarhea, vomiting, abdominal pain....personally, I would rather suffer through the headache.  My favorite ones are for the sleep aid medicines.  These medicines are to help you fall asleep, yet the first side affect listed is...may cause drowsiness.  What the...? Isn't that the point?!?!?

That is like the the warning on coffee cups at fast food restaurants now...  the one that says "Contents of this container may be hot".  Well no crap...i ordered hot coffee, didn't I?

Or the warnings on plastic bags that say "Do not place over head".  Why the hell would I ever need to anyway?

Time for today's edition of ...

"What's in the community refrigerator at work?"

Today's mouthwatering morsel is:  lunch meat. Today I witnessed a plastic baggie of lunch meat in the little container in the door usually reserved for ketchup, mustard, and soy sauce packets.  I am still not sure exactly what type of lunch meat it was, as it was not normal "meat" color.  It was more of a coffee stain amber color...which leads me to believe it was once some form of poultry.

I do not include this feature on this blog to gross you out...but more so you can hopefully help me understand people.  Why can't these people in my work place  learn to throw away their rotten food.  It really scares me to think of what the fridge in their homes is like...  and to think I have eaten food at work potlucks made by some of these same people!!

Until next time... Keep smiling and keep blogging.